Most people don’t know that 94% of the Australian population uses high-speed internet, and 60% of the users go online several times in a day. From an analytical perspective, this means that ecommerce websites have great opportunities to explore the large number of Australian population that shops online. This also explains why ecommerce in Australia has greater chances of growing rapidly in the near future.

Numbers State Facts

Back in 2010, numbers showed that $27 billion worth of ecommerce sales happened in Australia. In 2013, the figures increased to $37 billion. Therefore, clearly, there has been an increase by $3-4 billion worth of ecommerce sales each year. From a business perspective, this means that there is an opportunity for online businesses to generate revenues.

Increased Consumer Spending

Keeping in mind that individual Australian consumers spent an average net worth of $1,048 in 2006, and then $2,108 in 2013, it is evident that people are spending more readily online on ecommerce than they did before. According to demographic reports, 73% of the online spending population belongs to the ages between 35 and 45. On average, the total amount internet users spent in 2012 alone was worth $16 billion. Comparing with the figures from New Zealand, which was $3 billion per year, it is proof that the Australian consumer spending has increased drastically.

Doesn’t it seem like Australian ecommerce businesses are booming? Sure they are!

The “Pushing” Factor

Online shopping is becoming a new trend among the Australian population, especially as compared to shopping at local retail stores. Based on a survey, 55% of Australian online shoppers believe that online shopping offers lower costs than those in actual stores. This has been the push factor for an increasing number of people to turn to ecommerce. Moreover, one in five people prefer to shop online because it offers them convenience and a wider range of variety.

Ecommerce is Creating Solutions for Australians

Statistical analysis shows that more than fifty-three percent of the purchases made online in Australia are through ecommerce sites. Consumers often like to purchase from these sites because they consider local brands more reliable.

The Predictable Future

The future of Australian ecommerce is predictable. Based on the impressive growth in the ecommerce market in the past, by 2016, online spending will increase to roughly $27 billion in Australia. In New Zealand, we can expect it to increase to roughly $5.37 billion.

In addition, m-commerce (the new face of ecommerce) will be the fuel that drives the increase in online shopping trends once shopping portals become available on mobile devices. It is a predictable fact that there will be a 57% increase in the rate of online shopping through mobile devices. In the past, lack of m-commerce has been a major setback that held back the growth on ecommerce in Australia.

To wrap things up, the opportunities with ecommerce in Australia are endless. With time, doing ecommerce business in Australia will become easier. The real question to ask is, are you ready to make the most out of this new trend next year?