One does not necessarily have to be a history buff to testify that search engines have been around for as long as the Internet in some form or the other.

With the introduction of a number of algorithms with different names, search engines have evolved so much that they are now considered as the backbone of the digital marketing landscape. Almost the entire web population relies on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo to search for the information they are looking for to satisfy their needs.

It is generally believed that grabbing the top position on search engines is only possible through excessive keyword usage and link stuffing. However, search engines like Google are very smart for that – any illegal or inappropriate optimization tactics used on your website can backfire on you and it takes only a fraction of time for Google to pick on these and penalize your rankings, you need to stick to the recommended guidelines.

You can very understand what getting penalized from Google means. It can cost you more than just your website ranking. Therefore, it is significant to play it safe and stay away from SEO tactics that may unleash the wrath of Google.

So how do you boost your website rankings? What are some search engine optimization tactics that may result in penalization and is there a way to avoid them? Continue reading to learn how you can improve your search engine rankings in a Google-friendly way!

·         Make sure the Content on your website is relevant

To help you attain better search engine rankings, optimum relevancy is important. No matter what you sell, you need to make your website relevant for people looking for products and services in the area of your speciality. Adding relevant phrases and keywords in your content will make your website rate as a well-informed resource in the eyes of Google.

·         Seamless Integration of Keywords and relevant phrases

You should know that relevant keywords of your field include the most searched phrases that are relevant to your products and services. Incorporating these keywords in your website content in a relevant manner is the foremost objective of on-site SEO analytics.

Incorporation of keywords is perhaps the most important and basic aspects of search engine optimization. Even a slight stuffing can do you more harm than good. The idea is to make the most of keywords while making sure they are placed seamlessly within the text, so these are useful and relevant. The key is to strategically add keywords instead of overstuffing.

·         Don’t Ignore the power of Content

One cannot lay enough stress on the fact that content is the most invaluable and powerful tool you have at your disposal. Power up your website with useful and value added content and boost your search engine rankings almost instantly.

While on one hand search engines serve as an essential component of your digital marketing strategy, it can prove to be a big liability if you are not able to execute it successfully.